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Do you know that the state of your mind determines the quality of your life?

That is why the Holy Spirit seeks to renew your mind, thereby renewing your entire life.
Your thought life will shape and mould your physical life, so the more time that you can spend
thinking about God and His Word, the more He will be able to mould your life to His will.

Many Of God's People Suffer From "Stinking Thinking"!

Have you noticed how life becomes so much more difficult when you stop thinking about God's promises and solutions for your life, and start thinking about your circumstances, problems, struggles, and the lies of the Devil?

Many issues in your life could be addressed if you would begin to think and act according to the word of God.

You need to be renewed in the spirit of your mind ...

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Have you received a timely ChristianAffair SMS message, that God used to speak a word into your life?
You can now keep the messages on your PC, and encourage yourself with a new message each day, with the
THOUGHT LIFE Christian E-book.
THOUGHT LIFE Christian EBook is a compilation of ChristianAffair encouragement messages, with the
corresponding bible verses. A new encouragement for each day.

Be renewed in the spirit of your mind ...

THOUGHT LIFE Christian E-Book has been provided to encourage you to meditate on God's Word, by giving you daily encouragement.  As you read the word and find joy & encouragement, God will begin to change "Stinking Thinking" to "Faith-filled Thinking"

Develop "Faith-filled" thinking for daily life … your family … your marriage … your children

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