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History of Potters House Church ...
In 1969 a phenomena called "the Jesus movement" began.  At that time hippies suddenly became aware of their need for God and started visiting churches looking for a spiritual home.  Many of the more traditional churches had a hard time accepting this motley crew and unfortunately turned them away.

Wayman Mitchell the pastor of a small church in Prescott, Arizona was one who gladly received them into the fold.  Before long these 'long hairs' got haircuts and soon wanted to preach the gospel of Christ.  Pastor Mitchell trained, discipled them, and gave them opportunity to minister and before long sent some of them out to start their own churches.  One of these young disciples by the name of Harold Warner started a church in Tucson Arizona.  God began to bless the church, and an abundance of souls were converted to Christ.  Pastor Warner challenged those who came to Christ to truly live the life of a disciple, and believe God for a spiritual destiny in God's purpose of reaching the lost.

Potters House has continued to evangelise, disciple, and to plant churches. The fellowship now has around two thousand churches worldwide, with around forty in the United Kingdom.  Potters House Reading opened on February 22nd 2004.

Join us for services, prayer & victory ...
You are welcome to join us for services, prayer, fellowship, and victory.  The times are as follows:

Hillingdon Prince Hotel
Christchurch Road

Sunday 11am  Worship Service
Sunday 6.30pm Evening Service
Wednesday 7.30pm Mid-week Service

We look forward to seeing you. Come expecting God to move. God bless you.

Pastor Steve Marshall

How ChristianAffair began ...
ChristianAffair began in the year 2000.  The founder, Steve Marshall, began sending bible scripture SMS
messages to a newly converted church member.  The purpose was to encourage the young man who was
staying in the Salvation Army.  As time went on the text messages were sent to other converts and church members.  The list of recipients grew very quickly, until it was quite a task to send the SMS messages to
individuals.  A website was developed to automate the process, and to allow others to join the list so that they could also receive scriptures and encouragements.

Our mission …
The primary purpose of ChristianAffair is to spread the word of God and to encourage believers to read their bibles and understand God's love for us and his plan for our lives.

Free scriptures by SMS & email
ChristianAffair spreads the word of God through email and SMS.  We do
not send the actual bible scripture, instead we send words of encouragement and the chapter and verse of the bible that inspired them.  The purpose of this is to prompt people to open the bible and read the verse for themselves.  By sending
messages by SMS we can reach people through their mobile phones
wherever they may be.

Gifts & merchandise
You can purchase a range of Christian gifts & merchandise through ChristianAffair, enjoying 20-30% discount on many products. Order Christian music, video & DVD, bibles, books and more.
Many people have told us that they find the SMS messages very encouraging, and that God has actually
spoken to them through the scriptures that inspired the SMS messages.  For this reason we provide products which contain the words of encouragement, and the bible verse that inspired them. 

Church directory
Every Christian needs to be in a church that follows the doctrines of the bible, it is the only way that we will grow.  We provide a national church directory to assist you in finding a church in your area.

Christian Events
ChristianAffair also provides details of Christian events. Our aim is to keep our subscribers informed of events in their area.  As well as listing details on this website we also send event information to our
subscribers by SMS and email. Find events.

If you have a church or an upcoming event you can
register your church and events.

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